Bath Crystals Golden Raspberry and Honeysuckle

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After a long hard day what better way to unwind than to soak away the day in a hot bath. With so many demands on our time showers seem easier and more convenient but taking a bath has benefits that a shower simply cannot provide. Pour a handful of BRIGHT*SIDE Golden Raspberry and Honeysuckle Bath Crystals under the running hot water for a deliciously scented relaxing bath. The honeyed apricot scent of golden raspberry combines beautifully with the fruity and slightly citrus Honeysuckle to produce a sweet, uplifting, light fragrance that will stimulate your senses whilst you unwind.

Each ingredient has been carefully chosen to create these BRIGHT*SIDE Golden Raspberry and Honeysuckle Bath Crystals to leave you feeling rejuvenated after a long, hard day. Supplied in a tall bottle they make a great gift for a friend, family member, or colleague. Contains 360g (12.696oz). Suitable for all skin types.